Introducing: My content, my rights

Introducing: My content, my rights

In preparation for the upcoming Digital Services Act legislative proposal, we launched a campaign with my political group: My content, my rights.

What is it about?

The campaign aims at addressing the specific issue of unfair on-line account blocking and removal by on-line platforms. If you ever felt your rights were violated, share your experience on our take-down wall of shame, and empower yourself by contributing to the future European rules for user rights and big tech.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is a regular Internet user, or people who work, campaign, or get regular information on-line and had trouble with reaching out to the public.

How you can participate

  1. Submit your story: Report content and account take-downs. We want to call out social media censorship and violations of freedom of expression on-line. We are gathering examples of cases where legitimate speech got blocked, removed or deprioritized.

  2. Comment our European model legislation: We need uniform rules on content removal, as currently on-line platforms block and remove content based on their own rules, e.g. community standards, which have resulted many times in the spread of hateful and other problematic content, while removing lawful content on-line. We are drafting a new European model legislation for a notice and action mechanism. It is open for consultation for the public until November 1, 2020.

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