The benefits and shortcomings of the Media Freedom Act

Why is the Media Freedom Act so important and what are its flaws that need to be fixed?

In mid-September, the European Commission published a proposal for the long-awaited legislation to strengthen the freedom and independence of media. The proposal focuses on a series of binding rules and recommendations on media independence from politicians, state funding of advertising and cross-border mergers. This legislation has been long awaited at the European level and its arrival is welcome. However, in its current form, the proposal has a few flaws that need to be fixed. [Read More]

Independence of public media

Lessons from Warsaw

The election of new members of the Czech Television Council in May raised concerns about the direction and independence of the Czech Television. One of the worst-case scenarios of what could happen to public service media is the TVP in Poland. Unfortunately, it has been transformed into a propagandist channel of the government party Law and Justice (PiS). The last months and weeks of the gripping presidential campaign between Andrzej Duda and Rafal Trzaskowski demonstrated, why we can’t just stand by while others are trying to delegitimize and paralyze the Czech Television. [Read More]