Trilogue on terrorism content on-line

What's at stake?

How to handle terrorism content on-line? That is a question that European lawmakers are about to answer soon: The next trilogue on the regulation setting rules on removals of terrorism content on-line shall take place tomorrow, December 10 . For its far reaching measures, the regulation has been heavily criticized by NGOs. The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, and the UN Special Rapporteur point out the very same problem: without effective safeguards, the regulation could lead to overreaching suppression of content and could, therefore, undermine fundamental rights, especially the freedom of expression. [Read More]

Censorship machine in action again!

What happened? Last week, a couple of legitimate news articles and posts about COVID-19 disappeared from Facebook. My Facebook post raising awareness about the Union’s support for start-ups to fight COVID-19 got also caught up in this. Application for funds that were made available to support start-ups able to produce solution that could fight the virus was originally open until March 18, 2020. In an attempt to spread the news to all potential interested parties, several followers of mine notified me that they weren’t able to share my post raising awareness about this or links to Commission’s website. [Read More]

Terrorism regulation

Update from secret negotiations

I am the Opinion Rapporteur on the Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) committee. Current status Currently, three way negotiations (trilogue meetings) are ongoing behind closed doors in order to find a compromise between the European Parliament’s and Council’s positions on the file. See the comparison of the two positions. As the IMCO Opinion Rapporteur, I represent the IMCO committee in the trilogue negotiations. [Read More]